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  • 50-pint
  • 50-pint
50-pint 50-pint 50-pint

PrimeAire 50 Pint
Dehumidifier (PA5010E)

The PrimeAire PA5010 extracts 50 pints of damaging moisture per day. This model is best for medium basements and other humid areas measuring up to 800 square feet.

  • Adjustable humidistat with Auto mode
  • Manual or continuous gravity drainage
  • Digital LED controls simplifies choosing your settings
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Product Description

The PrimeAire 50-Pint Dehumidifier eliminates excess moisture and mold growth in medium basements up to 800 square feet. The PA5010E uses an innovative moisture-sensing system to maintain your desired humidity without the guesswork. Drain collected moisture manually by emptying the slide-out water tank or continuously by attaching any standard garden hose to the drain port. PrimeAire dehumidifiers all carry the Energy Star seal and use 15% less energy than conventional models.

  • Set it and forget it operation
  • 3 operating modes and dual fan speeds
  • Operates in temperatures as low as 38 degrees F